one down.


Long time no post!

Here are a few examples of the anime food buttons I’ll be selling. Can you guess them all?

I’ve changed my table partner and will be sharing a table with the incredibly talented Deshi Deng this year. Her work is so good and I feel like I’ve done nothing valuable with my life. You should all go look at it!


- juni


This is a good a time as any to announce on tumblr that I will be officially going to Anime North this year! Thank you Juni for finding me and offering to partner up. <3 (you are also way flattering considering your amazing work.)

Also, I may or may not have a hidden folder of my non-anime illustration things as well as some leftover comics/zines that I will be selling cheap.

More news on table placement/things as it comes!

So I think I’m going to end up with a lot of KLK this year. 

Warming up with some quick Sterek fanart, and trying out doing lines with new brushes from Kyle.

Here are some things from class… a “for” and “against” for deforestation, exploring both sides of the argument.

heart. it’s a heart

Here is me trying to make some Valentines Day art. Feel free to fill in and send you your love ones… or your worst enemies whom you have twisted feelings for. I don’t know.

keepin the blog active! Here’s a WIP of a sketch I did earlier in the month

First piece in the process of learning how to do environments! Amro's quick fixes are amazing :”'D 

Feedback/tips would be cool

AHHHHHH Drawing presentable things everyday is so hard. I can’t possibly show you the gross doodles I produce on a daily basis. So here’s a commission for Julia I did back in the summer that I forgot to post. 

Also, thank you all for the answers! I am definitely adding Otakuthon to my list… still contemplating on those American cons. I don’t know how to reply to answers… what do people usually do? ;v; am I missing a button?

OK Question 2. Is there something special I have to do for American cons?

I heard about needing to apply for tax things for some cons? and do I have to announce anything at the border? @v@;; I can’t find this on google…


Other than Anime North, which I go to every year regardless, and AX which I still have no idea how to operate (please tell me). Which Canadian/American cons would you suggest for doing Artist Alley?


Atomic Lollipop has announced their new location! It’s The Ontario Science Centre. Oh yes, there will be “science”.

What. I am seriously considering going now. I love the Ontario Science Centre.

Day 6+7

A quick commission

Day 5

Two things I’ve been doing: Pokemon + Adventure Time

Day 4

Run fast. Run faster I said.