Some volleyball boys I don’t know what to do with…

Tharja is my fav. A print will be available at Otakuthon and Fanexpo!


otakuthon is in three weeks!! 




This looks fun, I want to try too! SEND ME SOMETHING! 

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I will be mostly be sharing tables with/be in the vicinity of Nix! Come find us if you’re in the area!

And here’s the commission dump for AN! I had to close early but a got a few in.

AN2014 is, to this point, the most difficult con I’ve had to endure. But only because I was super sick, coughing everywhere, and being unable to speak (sorry if I infected anyone ;;;;v;). Thank you again Juni for sharing a table with me…!! I feel like I ended up taking over a lot of it. Thank you everyone that came by even though my table was hard to find. Our table ended up being put between goddesses. And as a result I bought an epic size One Piece poster for myself even though I tried to resist it.

It was nice seeing friends again after so long, and I got to meet some new people too! 

Oh and also thank you to my friends (esp Miranda and her sister) and also my hotel-mates who put up with my sickness all weekend;;; much grateful.

What do you draw with?

Recently I’ve been lazy and have just been using Photoshop and my old Wacom Bamboo tablet for everything. But sometimes I do my lines in pencil or ink, and then do colours in photoshop. 

Oh! Also I’ve been playing with the brushes by Kyle T. Webster.

So I finally installed xkit today and went back to read all the tags on some of the art that had more reblogs. and man. I miss the Thorki fandom. So many feels in those tags. 

Just a normal girl doing regular things y’know?

zeekayart answered your post: I think I have time for one more print…


I feel like there is a sudden burst of jojo fans around me. What is going on. on a scale of never to right now, should I check it out?? @M@

Have you played the zero escape series (ie: 999 or vlr, especially 999 because it's better)? It is the best game series ever! If you know it then maybe draw a print for that? I would love you forever!!!!! If not then maybe dangan ronpa? Or whatever makes you happy :^)

Oh yes! Those games look amazing, but unfortunately I haven’t played either of them even though I’ve been meaning to for a long time (I really should get on that, good reminder!). But when I do, you can most likely expect fanart!

I think I have time for one more print… any requests?

OK I think this will be my last KLK print for AN. I have to stop and try to draw something else;;;;